1. About Gipwin

This machine will help remove all the toxication in alcohol drinks and faster the aging progress. This technology is a combination of UHC VIET NAM SOLUTION TECHNOLOGY Co.Ltd and the experts of the American.

Magnetic field polarization is united with two principal agents: multipolar magnetic field and soundwaves react together to create a physical reaction on the liquid of the alcohol to control and increase the quality of the drink after being manufactured.

It took just 2 to 3 hours using the Gipwin aging machine to get an old-aged wine with high qualities. The old original steps to age wine will no longer be needed; Gipwin will ensure the quality of wine without losing storage time.

In VietNam, Gipwin has more effective than traditional procedures. Gipwin uses electromagnetic fields, so it’s completely different than just a purified machine on the market.




  • No reducing the quality of the wine
  • No reducing the flavor of the wine
  • No affecting the ALC of the wine
  • No rely on new or old ingredients


  • Completely replace the traditional method of aging wine on the ground and still produce a high-class wine as if it has been stored for many years.
  • Reduce the factories’ investment, labor, and containers for wine storage
  • The ability to turn capital quickly, increase profits
  • Help build a wine brand on par with famous wine brands in the world
  • The product, after the treatment, is very safe, helping alcohol manufacturers easy to get a Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate.


  • Removed all the deleterious impurity that cause harm to the customer’s health
  • Minimized the toxication that is left in the wine help protect customer’s health
  • Doesn’t feel exhausted as drinking untreated wines
  • No headache, thirst, dizziness; the body will not be dehydrated
  • Wine after the treatments will have higher quality, just like an old aged wine



Gipwin wine aging and detoxification machine are functional with two main parts: the operating system and the machine’s body.

  • Operating system: Include microchips import directly from the USA. This microchip is the heart of the machine by creating complex oscillates in the wine fluid, turning them from electrical energy to kinetic energy.
  • Body: This is where the aging progress happens. The shell is 100% made from high-quality stainless steel used for modern food production lines. Through the hand of the professional mechanic, all the details and shapes are sharp and delicate, making the room more luxurious than ever.


  • The alcoholic drink contains alcohol, water, organic compounds, inorganic, toxic, or nontoxic. These compounds are strongly linked together and unequal.
  • The Gipwin aging machine work by using:
    – Soundwaves
    – Multipolar magnetic field
    – Square pulse magnetic field
    – An alternating magnetic field combined together
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  • When the machine works, all the electric systems create a group of soundwaves that have a mechanical energy impact on the wine so that it can force the oscillation of the liquid element.
  • When the element moves, the gap and bubble will appear. These air bubbles increased the pressure and size as they moved to the surface of the liquid.
  • When these bubbles burst, they’ll release a temperature of 5000 oC and a pressure of 2000 Atm; these agents will break the molecular structure of the alcohol and the aromatic compounds in it.
  • Using ultra soundwaves to create a suitable environment helps faster the natural chemicals reaction progress to remove other poisonous chemicals like Methanol, Andehyt, Fufurol, etc. Shortening the time when compared to a natural conversion


  • Multi-polarized magnetic field helps assimilate and arrange alcohol molecular ions and hydrate the alcohol. Breaking the links of independent ions surrounding the alcohol molecule ions, straighten these ions to help opposite ions join together: Andehyt, methanol, and furfurol. Lighter the wine, make sure it’s not harsh to drink, and the flavor is like an aged one.