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Aldehyde removal machine of Gipwin helps to remove some toxins present in alcohol. In addition, the machine helps to age the wine to help the wine drink more smoothly, slow drunk, and wake up quickly.

What is Aldehyde?

In wine having poor quality, wine made from industrial alcohol, unprocessed distilled alcohol will contain some toxins such as Aldehyde. Aldehyde is an organic compound formed by the oxidation of ethanol. This is the cause of shock and shock when using alcohol.

How does aldehyde affect the body?

If the wine has a high concentration of aldehydes, it will cause shock when you drink. When aldehyde enters the body, it will make the digestive system and circulatory system strongly irritated. In this case, the drinker will feel headaches and high blood pressure.

When the concentration of aldehydes exceeds the allowed level, the poison will directly affect the brain. It can lead to many dangerous complications, even death for users.

How many aldehydes will cause poisoning?

Andehit được xếp vào hàng các chất độc nguy hiểm với cơ thể.

Aldehyde is classified as a dangerous poison for the body.

Aldehyde is classified as a dangerous poison for the body. Therefore, alcoholic beverages are always strictly regulated on the content of aldehydes.

In the regulation of the content of methanol, aldehyde, and some other toxins in alcohol. According to Vietnamese standards is 7043 – 3013. The content of aldehydes in alcohol cannot exceed 50mg per 1 liter of alcohol (calculated by alcohol degree is 100 degrees).

Example: With 1 liter of 40-degree white wine, the measured aldehyde content cannot exceed 20mg.

As you know, handcrafted wines often exceed this standard. Therefore, before drinking wine, we should be careful. It is necessary to remove part of the aldehyde in alcohol to make it safer to drink.

Aldehyde removal machine in wine

Trước khi sử dụng rượu bạn nên khử bỏ độc tố để đảm bảo an toàn.

Before using wine, you should remove toxins to be safe

You can use some traditional methods to remove aldehydes. The most commonly used method is to heat the wine before drinking it or grounding it for a few years.

But this way is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. Now, the alcohol aldehyde removal machine was born to help you remove toxins in alcohol quickly and safely. Especially does not change the concentration and taste of alcohol.

Gipwin – The wine aging machine is a typical technology product created by a team of UHC engineers combined with experts from the American Academy of Sciences. The product brings many benefits to users, especially with the function of protecting human health against the harmful effects of alcohol.

Gipwin helps to process toxins in alcohol such as Aldehyde, Methanol, Furfurol, Este… Makes wine safer, drinking more quietly. No fatigue, headache, dry neck thirst after using. In particular, fast recovery to normal state due to fast elimination mechanism.

Working principle of Gipwin wine aging machine

In the composition of the alcohol, the solution includes alcoholic, water, organic, and inorganic substances with or without toxins. All of them are the form of free molecules, these compounds are tightly bound together, which is complex and uneven.

When the device operates, it will use ultrasonic waves and a multi-polar magnetic field to break the bonds, creating a gap so that impurities that hurt human health such as aldehydes, methanol… can easily evaporate out of the solution, minimizing the concentration of these harmful substances in the wine, make the wine purer.

Ultrasonic wave: Produces a beam of ultrasonic radiation with large mechanical energy including many components such as temperature, pressure, and expansion force at supersonic speed, forming air bubbles, when the bubbles are formed. This bubble breaks on the interface between the liquid and gas in a disproportionate state, breaking the molecular structure of the alcohol along with the aromatic compounds in it. Thanks to the impact of ultrasonic waves, it creates the most suitable environment to promote natural chemical reactions after physics, help convert toxic substances such as Aldehyd, Methanol, Furfurol, Ester… with much shorter time than natural transformation.

Magnetic field: Breaks the molecular structure, dissociates, reduces the surface tension and helps to arrange the alcohol molecular ions, hydrates the alcohol solution, breaks the free ionic bonds surrounding the molecules. Alcohol molecule ions, straightening these ions help opposite ions combine, including Aldehyd ions, Methanol, Furfurol… to achieve the goal of reducing toxins and aging wine quickly.

Gipwin wine aging machines

Thiết bị lão hóa rượu Gipwin được nhiều cơ sở, doanh nghiệp sử dụng.

Gipwin wine aging machine is used by many establishments and businesses.

Gipwin wine aging machine is designed with many different models. Each line will be suitable for each user’s needs.

Mini wine aging machine has types: 2.5 liters and 5 liters Gipwin

Wine aging equipment for families, groups, and companies. For this using need, you can choose a 20-liter or 30-liter Gipwin wine aging machine.

Certificates of Gipwin wine aging machine

The machine has enough certificates of quality standards and goods standards, including:

  • Certificate of conformity with standards
  • Machine inspection certificate, basic standards issued by ISSQ Quality Standards Institute.
  • The quality of wine before and after processing is tested by the National Institute of Food Hygiene and Safety.

Contact: 0976.106.066
Showroom: 4/7, Dong Ngac st, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi.



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