Changing Brand Gipwin Identity Gives Wine Aging Machine New Heights
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Changing brand Gipwin identity gives Wine aging machine new heights

Renewing the brand identity of the Gipwin wine aging machine to affirm with customers and partners about the development strategy and long-term vision in the future. No matter what the circumstances, Gipwin will constantly develop and rise to new heights.

What is a Gipwin wine aging machine?

The Gipwin wine aging machine is a device that increases the shelf life and treats toxins in wine. This is a technology product transferred and researched by cooperation between UHC Vietnam Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. and scientific experts from the United States to successfully research and apply advanced technology of the world to launch products. Gipwin wine aging machine will bring satisfaction to your beverage quality.

Gipwin wine aging machine uses electro-physicochemical and multi-polar magnetic field technology integrated with two main agents: Multi-polar magnetic field and liquid ultrasound to create a favorable environment to promote natural chemical reactions after physics and chemical reactions to help metabolize toxic compounds such as Andehit, Methanol, Furfurol…with a much shorter time than natural metabolism.

Máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin - Ngon hơn, an toàn hơn

Gipwin wine aging machine – Tastier, safer

Better, safer to use wine through the Gipwin wine aging machine

Wine is processed by a Gipwin wine aging machine with time from 2 to 3 hours, which can produce wines aged over 10 years. This is a completely alternative solution to having to land, ensuring quality without losing storage time.

In Vietnam, the Gipwin wine aging machine is the most advanced technology, completely different from conventional processing methods. The Gipwin wine aging machine uses electromagnetic technology, not a popular filter on the market.

Outstanding advantages with “5 NO”

  1. Do not use chemicals, minerals, or plastic beads to filter or react with chemicals.
  2. Does not change the original character of the wine
  3. Does not change the taste of the wine.
  4. No change in alcohol concentration.
  5. Regardless of whether the material is old or new.

In order to affirm its position in the Vietnamese market when entering a new decade, with new aspirations and ambitions on August 1, 2021, the Gipwin wine aging machine officially changed its brand identity.

Choosing to change brand Gipwin identity is an important landmark, a motivation for development, a transformation process, and a desire to bring freshness to customers.

Innovating but still maintaining the value

Gipwin wine aging machine is a modern and advanced wine processing product known to many people, creating a great reputation in the wine industry. Gipwin always changes and renews itself but still maintains the value of the product.

For a long time, the company researched and upgraded products to bring a more complete and new experience to consumers.

In the new look, the word GIPWIN has been slightly innovated and the main color is red. With a new brand identity is Gipwin’s commitment to continue bringing value ​​to consumers and wine producers.

Logo Gipwin

New brand Gipwin identity

Brand identity is composed of two parts. One is a picture of the logo and the other is a text logo.

The GIPWIN lettering is almost no different from the old design to re-affirm Gipwin to keep up with the times but still has its own unique features. The brand of Gipwin wine aging machine still maintains the view and good traditional values ​​of the business after many years of establishment.

About the image part, the logo of the Gipwin wine aging machine is inspired by the two main icons which are the image of a wine glass and a modern, youthful stylized suit with sharp details. The ingenious combination of icons has brought elegance, sophistication but also minimalism.

Why did Gipwin choose the image of a wine glass as the logo and not any other product image? Because the image of the wine glass shows the products, when processed through the wine aging machine, Gipwin will only refine what is quintessential, remove the toxins in the wine to create the purest and best wonderful wine glasses for customers. Indulging the most quintessential things and creating value as the spirit of the brand positioning “Tastier, safer”. In addition, the glass represents the stability and reliability of the product.

The image of a suit integrated with a glass represents successful people who always believe in and use the product. People always use Gipwin products at parties, festivals, signing contracts… together to celebrate the joys, successes, victories in the name.

Contact: 0976.106.066
Showroom: 4/7, Dong Ngac st, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi.




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