Wine aging machine is an indispensable product in alcohol producting facilities, companies and enterprises. Let’s find out the benefits that wine aging machines bring.

Vietnam is one of the countries with the top alcohol consumption in the world. In 2014, on average, each Vietnamese person (over 15 years old) consumed 4.4 liters of alcohol per year. In 2016 it was estimated at 8.3 liters. Faced with high consumer demand, what would you do if you were a wine producer?

Maybe, you have a perfect recipe for delicious wines. You are enthusiastic in each stage of rice wine production and a certain number of potential customers. However, you are always concerned about the cost of storing wine after distillation. You regret wasting your time for waiting wine to age, causing many orders to be missed every day. All those problems occur because you are still using traditional, manual production methods. Therefore, you have not been able to maximize the profits from your business model.

So where is the solution for winemarkers?

Gipwin wine aging machine is confident to be a smart and effective solution in the 4.0 technology era, committed to quality by the values ​​it brings to production facilities.

Gipwin wine aging machine

Gipwin wine aging machine is a device researched and manufactured by UHC Vietnam. Gipwin has the ability to handle alcohol. It also helps to eliminate toxins in alcohol and improve the quality of the wine, brings a delicious, aromatic, and smooth wine taste like being grounded for many years.

Why should the wine producing establishment use Gipwin wine aging machines?

Before the problem of market economy and long-term brand value as we mentioned at the beginning. Investing in modern equipment in the winemaking process is an inevitable trend if you want to expand your producting scale. Gipwin wine aging machine with outstanding advantages compared to other equipment lines gives winemakers the most optimal values, optimizes economic benefits and brands.

Máy lão hóa rượu sản phẩm không thể thiếu cho các doanh nghiệp.
Wine aging machine is product which can’t lack for bussiness

Benefits of applying Gipwin wine aging machine in wine production

  1. Cut down on wine storage time. Age the wine in the shortest time. Thereby minimizing the investment capital in wine storage, reducing costs, and increasing revenue.
  2. Elevate the brand, create a difference, increase competitive advantage.
  3. Diverse application possibilities. Handling a variety of wines to help businesses diversify products with the best wine quality.
  4. The output wine meets the standards of the Ministry of Health, ensure high quality.
  5. Owning a strong brand from Gipwin, helping to increase the investment value of the business.

In addition to the efficiency gains, the Gipwin Wine Aging Machine gives the winery a whole new look. More modern, more professional. Therefore, Users are also more confident and assured about the product, especially when looking at the wine producting process and equipment.

Gipwin wine aging machine – The inevitable trend

In fact, Gipwin has now become a trend. This is an indispensable assistant in the production line for wine producting facilities across the country. It’s not just improving the taste of the wine. Gipwin also helps to increase the capacity to create finished products, promote production speed, thereby  you can expand the consumption market.

Over time put into operation in the production line. Gipwin has proven its strength. The amount of end-wine completely convinces the most demanding guests. With positive feedbacks from business owners as well as their customers, Gipwin wine aging machine has gradually affirmed its position, importance and mission.

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