About GIpwin

The Gipwin wine aging machine is a device that uses high frequency ultrasonic waves and a multi-polar magnetic field to produce better quality wines. The wine after processing has a smooth, soft and rich taste like a long-aged wine in nature
The wine aging process by Gipwin removes toxins in the alcohol solution such as: aldehydes, methanol, fufurol, higher alcohols and impurities after distillation such as heavy metals, etc. Natural deliciousness and food safety standards are issued
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Mr Nguyen Chien Thang
(Owner BBQ)

“ Your equipment makes me very surprised, the taste of the wine before and after processing is very different. No neck pain when drinking, the taste is very smooth and fragrant. I will recommend this product to my friends and family”

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khách hàng nói về gipwin

Mr Hoang Van Khoa
(Director of JSC CP) 

“With the Gipwin wine aging equipment, I can bring to market safe, delicious wines at a much lower financial and time cost than before.”

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khách hàng nói về gipwin

Mr. Khoi Nguyen
(Restaurant Owners) 

“In the past, guests often brought their own wine because of concerns about quality. Since having Gipwin, customers have responded very well to the wine after treatment. Thanks to that, customers know the restaurant more”

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