How To Lower The Standard Alcohol Degree, Without Changing The Taste
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The way to lower the traditional alcohol level takes a lot of time and effort. But with the appearance of the Gipwin wine aging machine, lowering the degree of wine doesn’t take much time and still retains the inherent flavor of the wine.

You have to admit that for people who regularly drink alcohol, they like to drink high-strength alcohol.

However, if alcohol is used in high concentration, it is very easy to get drunk, and especially very harmful to the health of the user. To ensure your own health and reduce the burden on your organs, you should lower your alcohol level before using.


What is alcohol degree?

Distilled alcohol is usually pure alcohol, so their concentration is very heavy. Alcohol degree can be understood simply as a unit to measure the concentration of alcohol. It is calculated in ml of alcohol present in 100 ml of alcohol solution. If the alcohol level is higher, the mean that in the alcohol solution contains more alcoholic.

The degree of alcohol helps us to classify wine, making it easy to choose the right wine for the purposes and needs of the consumer.

If you use alcohol to drink directly, you should choose alcohol with a concentration of 28-40 degrees. This is the level that is safe for the body and also the level that is allowed by alcohol vendors to buy out market.

Nồng độ rượu càng cao thì càng ảnh hưởng tới sức khỏe người tiêu dùng.
The higher the concentration of alcohol, the more harmful the health of consumers.

The  way to lower the traditional alcohol degree

In the past, our forefathers thought of many ways to lower alcohol degree. The most prominent is the way to soak alcohol with herbs and lower the soil.

How to lower alcohol  by soaking with herbs

Soaking wine with herbs not only lowers the degree of alcohol, but also obtains another delicious and aromatic beverage. Soaked wine is often aged for a very long time, measured in years. Over time, high-strength white wines will degrade.

How to lower the alcohol degree by lowering the land method

Lowering alcohol is a safe alcohol degree lowering method, making wine more delicious. Besides, this method can remove some toxins in alcohol. Most of the households used to trade alcohol in the past to bring the newly distilled wine to the ground for a while before selling it.

Why is that? When the wine is grounded, it will be affected by the earth’s magnetic field, causing the aromatic compounds in the wine to be released. Makes wine taste better, safer to use.


Chilling wine

The way to lower the degree of alcohol by refrigeration is also quite good and is applied by many people. Before drinking wine, you chill the wine. When wine meets a low temperature, the concentration will be decreased and the drink will feel better and cooler.

How to lower the  of alcohol with a wine aging machine

Đồ uống có cồn sau khi được xử lý qua masuy lão hóa rượu Gipwin thành phẩm thu được vẫn giữ nguyên mùi vị ban đầu.
After being processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the finished product still retains its original taste.

The traditional method of lowering the degree of alcohol is quite good, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, lowering alcohol degree does not take much time. The finished product still retains its original taste. Therefore, many people and many alcohol production facilities choose to use this method to lower the degree of alcohol.


That is to dilute the alcohol with water and then process it through the Gipwin wine aging machine.

For example, when cooking 1 liter of rice wine at 40 degrees. You can add 50-400ml of water to get the wine from 28-40 degrees. The way to dilute alcohol is based on the alcohol degree calculation formula that both reduces the concentration and increases the amount of alcohol to sell more.

But if you just mix water into the wine without affecting it, the wine will be uneven and difficult to drink. Therefore, many wineries choose to use Gipwin wine aging machines to process wine before selling. This method commonly used to reduce alcohol concentration is Gipwin. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly lower the alcohol degree.

Wine after processing through Gipwin wine aging machine will be delicious, soft, smooth, not harsh. Especially without losing the taste of wine. Besides, it also eliminates toxins in alcohol, making it safer and clearer to drink.




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