How to reduce alcohol concentration?

In this article, I will give you the most accurate way to reduce alcohol concentration by dilution.


What is alcohol?

Alcohol appears everywhere around us, but do you know its chemical formula? Let’s find out together!

Alcohol contains mostly compounds called ethyl alcohol (alcohol). The chemical formula of this compound is C2H5OH.

Alcohol is used a lot in parties, funerals, anniversaries… It is itself a stimulant, making people drunk, unicorn. And drinking is also a way to communicate or discuss many difficult issues in the usual way.

What is alcohol degree?

Alcohol strength degree is a term that refers to the percentage of pure alcohol present in a solution. The alcohol degree is the percentage concentration of the solution.

For example, 10 liters of 40 degree wine has 4 liters of pure alcohol and 6 liters of water in it.


How to reduce alcohol concentration by dilution

Hướng dẫn cách giảm nồng độ rượu bằng việc pha loãng
Instructions on how to reduce alcohol concentration by dilution

For example: The ingredients you have are 6 liters of 65-degree base alcohol (65% C2H5OH) and 10 liters of 25-degree top alcohol (25% C2H5OH).

After we pour the 2 types together, we will have 16 liters of alcohol with the concentration calculated as follows:

(6 liters)*65 + (10 liters)*25 = (16 liters)*(alcohol degree after mixing)

=> Alcohol degree after ing = [(6 liters)*65 + (10 liters)*25]/16 = 40

Thus, the alcohol degree after mixing will be 40 degrees.

For many people, this alcohol concentration is still high, people want to dilute it further to bring the alcohol degree down to 32 degrees. We apply the following formula to find out the number of liters of water to add.

(16 liters)*40 = (n liters)*32.

Therein n is the amount of alcohol obtained

=> n = (16 liters)*40/32 = 20 liters.

So we just need to slowly add 4 liters of water to 16 liters of 40-degree wine to get 20 liters of 32-degree alcohol.

How to reduce alcohol concentration without mixing

in pure wine with herbs

Soaking wine with herbs not only lowers the degree of alcohol, but also obtains another delicious and aromatic beverage. Soaked wine is often aged for a very long time, measured in years. Over time, high-strength white wines will degrade.

How to reduce alcohol concentration through chilling wine

Chilling can reduce alcohol concentration. The drinker will feel delicious, more comfortable and not have a stinging neck.

You can chill beer with ice, then add a little salt. Salt helps to lower the freezing point. As a result, melted ice has a lower temperature than water without salt in it.

Alcohol concentration can be reduced at low temperatures. However, when entering the human body, the temperature increases (approximately 37 degrees Celsius). At this time, the increased alcohol degree can cause sudden intoxication, alcohol shock.

How to lower the land of alcohol

Lower soil alcohol is the oldest method of brewing wine. This method is applied by many countries in the West and the East.

Lowering the alcohol in the ground reduces the concentration and spiciness of the wine. It also helps to preserve wine for a long time. The smell and taste of lower-earth wine is also more special than usual. The longer the wine is aged, the better it tastes.

Using Gipwin wine aging machine

Sử dụng máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin để hạ độ rượu nhanh hơn, an toàn hơn.
Use the Gipwin wine aging machine to lower the  of wine faster and safer.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, lowering alcohol degree does not take much time. The finished product still retains its original taste. Therefore, many people and many alcohol production facilities choose to use this method to lower the degree of alcohol.

That is to dilute the alcohol with water and then process it through the Gipwin wine aging machine.

For example, when cooking 1 liter of rice wine at 40 degrees. You can add 50-400ml of water to get the wine from 28-40 degrees. The way to dilute alcohol is based on the alcohol calculation formula that both reduces the concentration and increases the amount of alcohol to sell more.

But if you just mix water into the wine without affecting it, the wine will be uneven and difficult to drink. Therefore, many wineries choose to use Gipwin wine aging machines to process wine before selling. This method commonly used to reduce alcohol concentration is Gipwin. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly lower the alcohol degree.

Wine after processing through Gipwin wine aging machine will be delicious, soft, smooth, not harsh. Especially without losing the taste of wine. Besides, it also eliminates toxins in alcohol, making it safer and clearer to drink.



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