How To Remove Toxins In Cooking Wine Is Extremely Simple
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How to remove toxins in cooking wine is extremely simple? 

The way to remove toxins in cooking wine is being used by wine-producing households, establishments, and businesses. That is the Gipwin wine aging machine. The machine is extremely simple to use, and the end-product is as safe as the lowered land.

Is country wine safe?

The general mentality of drinkers is homemade wine, country wine, especially wine from traditional craft villages will be safer. It is not true, that opinion is only emotional.

The wine produced by manual methods, more or less, contains some toxins. This toxic product affects human health.

For any product, creating the end product requires many stages. If in the production process from the selection of raw materials to the distillation stage. If all these stages are not done well and are not hygienic, all these toxins will evaporate into the wine during the distillation process. From there, the resulting alcohol is contaminated.

For example, the process of choosing raw materials is not good. If the ingredients are moldy, it is easy to be poisoned when cooking wine.

Produces a toxin that causes headaches and especially methanol. If you drink too much ethanol, it can cause death or blindness. If after drinking alcohol, the drinker feels headache and dizziness. All manifestations are low-grade poisoning.

Therefore, before using or selling to the market, it is necessary to remove toxins in alcohol.

The following is a way to detoxify in cooking wine of many households, establishments, and wineries, which is using a Gipwin wine aging machine.

Thiết bị lão hóa rượu Gipwin giúp khử độc tố nhanh, an toàn.

Gipwin wine aging machine helps to detox quickly and safely.

How to remove toxins in wine cooked with Gipwin

The Gipwin wine aging machine works with a combination of factors including ultrasonic waves, multi-polarized magnetic fields, square pulsed magnetic fields, and alternating magnetic fields combined with temperature factors.

Ultrasound waves

Creates a beam of ultrasonic radiation with high mechanical energy including many components such as temperature, pressure, and tensile force that expands at supersonic speeds, forming air bubbles, when these bubbles burst. The interface between liquid and gas in a disproportionate state will disrupt the molecular structure of alcohol and aromatic compounds in it.

Thanks to the impact of ultrasonic waves, creating the most suitable environment to promote natural chemical reactions after physics to help convert toxic substances such as Aldehyd, Methanol, Furfurol, Ester… with much shorter time than with natural transformation.


Breaking the molecular structure, losing the connection, reducing the surface tension. At the same time, it helps to arrange alcohol molecular ions, hydrate the alcohol solution, break free ionic bonds surrounding alcohol molecular ions, and straighten these ions to help opposite ions combine. These ions include aldehyde ions, methanol, furfurol… to achieve the goal of reducing toxins and rapidly aging wine.


Based on the evaporation temperature of some toxins in alcohol, we remove them from the solution. Therefore, a large number of toxins will evaporate and reduce the risk of harm to the user’s health. But the temperature is just right. If it is too hot, the aroma of the wine will fly away and it will no longer be delicious.

Rượu khi xử lý qua thiết bị lão hóa rượu Gipwin uống mềm, không sốc, an toàn.

Wine when processed through Gipwin wine aging machine drink soft, no shock, safe.

User manual

Gipwin wine aging machine is a very modern, intelligent processing machine, so it only takes a few small steps to produce a safe and delicious batch of wine.

  • Step 1: Pour the wine to be treated into the tank, the amount of wine to be processed each time should not exceed the capacity of the container.
  • Step 2: Close the lid of the tank
  • Step 3: Set a processing time
  • Step 4: Connect the power supply
  • Step 5: Drain the wine


During handling, the jar lid is always left open or loosely installed.

After processing, wine should be kept in a jar or stored in crockery, glass, porcelain… not using plastic.

If you drink it right away, you should put it into the ice immediately to lower the temperature and stabilize the flavor of the wine. The wines are aged from 10-30 years (the standard wine after 3-6 hours stops processing).

In Vietnam, the Gipwin wine aging machine is the most advanced technology. This technology is completely different from the usual treatment and is applied by many countries around the world.

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