What is the difference between processed wine and regular wine?This is also a the question of many people. Let’s analyze and learn the difference between processed and untreated wine in the following article.

With the development of society, people’s life are also constantly improved. At that time, people will pay more attention to health care and enjoyment. Because health is the greatest asset of a person. When we have the health, we have everything.

Protecting human health

Với sự ra đời của máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin sẽ giảm bớt gánh nặng cho cơ thể mỗi khi bạn sử dụng rượu bia.
With the introduction of the wine aging machine, Gipwin will reduce the burden on your body every time you use alcohol.

With the mission to bring solutions to improve the quality of life and protect the health of consumers. UHC Vietnam Technology Solutions Co., Ltd., in conjunction with experts from the American Academy of Sciences, have successfully researched and manufactured a Gipwin wine aging machine to help detoxify and age wine quickly.

As you know, one of the most devastating agents to human health is alcohol. But with the characteristics of the profession, the nature of the job, which requires frequent exposure to alcohol, it is impossible to limit alcohol consumption.

Today with the advent of the wine aging machine, Gipwin will reduce the burden on your body when you use alcohol and the worry of alcohol poisoning will not exist.

The Gipwin wine aging machine uses ultrasonic waves and magnetic fields to detoxify and age wine. Gipwin like as a shield to protect you against the harmful effects of wine on the body.

The product has been censored by the Vietnam Quality Research and Development Institute and granted a certificate of conformity to standards for production and commercialization of products.

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What difference does Gipwin-treated wine make?

Rượu xử lý qua Gipwin có gì khác biệt?
Rượu xử lý qua Gipwin có gì khác biệt?

Drinkers do not feel thirsty when drinking alcohol

When alcohol enters the body, the nature of alcohol metabolism in the body is the hydrolysis reaction of alcohol, when the reaction occurs, water is required.

On the other hand, alcohol is inherently a diuretic beverage. When you drink wine, your body excretes more water than usual, of course your internal organs will be dehydrated. In order to maintain normal functioning, they will try to collect water from other parts of the body, including the amount of water used to supply the brain.

Therefore, when you drink wine, your neck always feels dry, the body is always in a state of dehydration. No matter how much you drink, it’s not enough.

But when using processed wine through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the drinker will not have such a dry, thirsty feeling.

Normally, the water molecule beam exists 15-25 molecules. But when processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the clusters of water molecules are shredded to only about 3-5 molecules.

The weight and size of water molecules are then smaller than alcohol, so water will penetrate faster through the cell membrane. Helps to store water in cell membranes. So when hydrolysis occurs in the body, they will take the water stored in the cells, so there is no need to collect water from other parts of the body. Therefore, drinkers will not feel dry neck, thirsty while drinking and even after the end of the fun.

No headache, dizziness, fatigue

Gipwin act with a combination of three agents including ultrasonic waves, multi-polarized magnetic fields, and free oscillating forced magnetic fields. These agents create a “shock” that vibrates at the appropriate frequency to impact the alcohol solution to break the bond, creat a favorable environment for the metabolism and elimination of toxic compounds such as Andehit, Methanol, Furfurol… After being treated, the alcohol sample was analyzed by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene, and the toxic content decreased by 50-90%.

Therefore, when we drink processed wine, drinkers will not experience headaches, dizziness or symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Slow to get drunk, quick to wake up

Drinking Western wine and Vietnamese wine, can you feel the difference between these two wines?

Western wine, when you drink the first few cups, you will feel better, but after only a few cups, you will only feel soft lips, not feeling tired and drunk like our wine. Why is there such a difference?

Because in Western alcohol solution, water and alcohol molecules are very small, so they quickly penetrate the cell membrane. When the cell membrane stores enough, the amount of alcohol entering the body will slowly enter, so the drinker is slow to get drunk.

Similar to Western wine, so is wine when processed through Gipwin wine aging machine. Clusters of water molecules are broken down to about 3-5 molecules. They will penetrate the cells faster than alcohol. When people have more water in the body, they will be less drunk because it reduces the impact of alcohol on the body.

Alcohol penetrates the body less, so the drinker will get drunk more slowly, the body recovers faster because it does not lose energy to metabolize alcohol.

Drinking wine smoothly, soft lips, no shock

As you know, usually when distilling alcohol, at each distillation stage, we get wine having different concentrations.

In the early stages, a very high concentration of alcohol is obtained and is called base wine. The next stage, people will get alcohol with a lower concentration and this is called top wine.

When all the collected alcohol is put into the container without any impact or the processing of the wine will be uneven, lose the delicious taste of the wine, and make it difficult to drink.

But when the above alcohol solution is processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the finished product will taste better, soft on the lips, not shocked.

When the ultrasonic waves shine into the liquid, it helps to assimilate the molecules into a unified solution so that the drinker will not feel shock.

Besides, the clusters of alcohol and water molecules are all shredded, so when drinking, the drinker will feel that the wine is smoother, softer, and softer on the lips. The quality of wine when going through the aging machine, Gipwin wine is delicious and smooth as if it has been grounded for many years.

Most of the consumers, after drinking wine that has been processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, appreciate the product’s quality. Once you drink alcohol processed through Gipwin, you can’t drink normal alcohol again.

There are also many guests sharing that at the end of the fun, the body is still very alert, not tired at all. People can still work normally, even jobs that require high concentration and meticulousness.

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