Method To Reduce Aldehydes In Alcohol After Only 4 Operations
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The method of reducing aldehydes in wine by Gipwin wine aging machine is always highly appreciated by consumers. The finished product after processing is not only safe but also softens the wine. Help people who drink for a long time get drunk quickly.

Traditional winemaking uses very simple tools. When distilling only with a pot tortoise. This pot is very simple, rudimentary, without a toxic filter. So if the fermentation process contains toxins, all of these toxins will evaporate into the wine during distillation.

Thus, you also know that crafting wine cannot be of good quality, absolutely safe. Only if someone knows how to choose good ingredients and has experience in cooking, the level of toxic content is less.

Therefore, before alcohol is used or sold on the market, households, production facilities and businesses will remove toxins in alcohol and bring them to safe levels.

Method for reducing aldehydes in alcohol

Phương pháp khử andehit trong rượu đoan giản, hiệu quả cao.
The method of reducing aldehydes in alcohol is simple and highly effective.

The method of reducing aldehydes in alcohol, which is popular and used by many establishments and businesses, is the Gipwin wine aging machine. With only 4 simple steps, it is possible to remove the poison, make the wine better and safer.

Step 1: Pour the wine to be treated into the tank, the amount of wine to be processed each time should not exceed the capacity of the container

Step 2: Close the lid of the tank

Step 3: Set a processing time

Step 4: Connect the power supply

At the end of the processing cycle, you have a true CLEAN batch of wine

Advantages of the machine

GIPWIN is a technology product applied in improving the quality of alcoholic beverages. Products are certified by the ISSQ Quality Standards Institute. After being treated, the alcohol sample was analyzed by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene, and the toxic content decreased by 50-90%.

Not at GIPWIN wine aging machine

–    Do not use chemicals, minerals or plastic beads to filter or create chemical reactions with chemicals.

–    Do not change the original nature of the wine

–    Do not change the taste, alcohol concentration.

–     Regardless of old or new ingredients.

–     Do not take much time to clean the machine

5 ưu điểm vượt trội của máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin.
Five outstanding advantages of Gipwin wine aging machine.

The Gipwin series has a compact design

The mini and industrial machines of Gipwin’s family all have compact design, beautiful design, easy to use, suitable for personal and family needs, or wine business households.

The Gipwin 1.8 liter wine aging machine has a compact design (530x190x235 mm), a sleek design, and is easy to use. The product line is suitable for personal and family needs. With this design, you can easily move them, suitable for carrying in parties, family festivals, companies.

The 5 liter Gipwin wine aging machine is the optimal choice for wine producting business. So it doesn’t take up much space with compact design. With this machine, you do not need to buy any additional container to brew wine in your house. You only need to process through the machine, it can make a product like as stored for many years.

The 20 liter Gipwin wine aging machine and the 30 liter Gipwin wine aging machine have a compact, sleek, easy-to-use design. It is uitable for medium and large scale wineries.

The machine’s efficiency

For winemakers


* Completely replace the traditional method of sowing the wine while still providing the market with high-class wines like being stored for many years.


* Reducing investment costs in labor, factories, and containers for wine storage.

* The ability to turn capital quickly, increase profits.

* Helping to build a brand of country wine with quality on par with famous wine brands in the world.

* This is convenient for alcohol producting facilities that are granted Food Safety and Hygiene Certificates.

For consumers

* GIPWIN gives users peace of mind and satisfaction about the quality of their beverage

* An effective solution for people who often have to use alcohol. Maintain alertness, the body is not tired like drinking other types of alcohol

* No headaches, dizziness, dizziness, the body is not dehydrated

* Helps protect health against the effects of alcohol on the body.



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