GIPWIN THE WINE AGING MACHINE –  Make your drink tastier, safer to the last drop 


The Gipwin wine aging machine – help remove all the toxication in alcohol drinks and faster the aging progress. This technology is a combination of UHC VIET NAM SOLUTION TECHNOLOGY Co.Ltd and the experts of the American. It was first patented for the invention by the USA (US2086891A July 13th, 1973). The technology uses magnetic force impact on the liquid to create a chemical reaction which is how natural aging progress works.

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For Manufacturers

  • Completely replace the traditional method of aging wine on the ground and still produce a high-class wine as if it has been stored for many years.
  • Reduce the factories’ investment, labor, and containers for wine storage
  • The ability to turn capital quickly, increase profits
  • Help build a wine brand on par with famous wine brands in the world
  • The product, after the treatment, is very safe, helping alcohol manufacturers easy to get a Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate.

For Customers

  • Removed all the deleterious impurity that cause harm to the customer’s health
  • Minimized the toxication that is left in the wine help protect customer’s health
  • Doesn’t feel exhausted as drinking untreated wines
  • No headache, thirst, dizziness; the body will not be dehydrated
  • Wine after the treatments will have higher quality, just like an old aged wine

Gipwin benefits

The GIPWIN wine aging machine & toxin removal have three basic features: Removing toxins/ Linking the wine liquids/ Increases the ability to eliminating alcohol from the body. Besides that, Gipwin can be used for beer treatment

What is so good about GIPWIN

  • Beautiful, fancy, luxurious design
  • No noisy sound
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use, can be used for all different types of wine.
  • Do not use filter materials; during use, do not have to replace materials.
  • The machine is integrated with 03 agents: Ultrasound, square pulsed magnetic field, and multi-polarized magnetic field. Alcohol only meets the standard when all three of these factors are present.
  • The electrical and electronic components are imported directly from the US
  • The shell is 100% made from high-quality stainless steel used for modern food production lines. Through the hand of the professional mechanic, all the details and shapes are sharp and delicate, making the room more luxurious than ever..


Products certificate

Gipwin is the only device in VietNam have all the certifications of the state management confirmation of standard conformity


US2086891A  Application

Confirmation of standard conformity


ISSQ Certification

ISSQ Certification


One year warranty

Ten-year maintenance

Device lifetime extension: 10 years

Support from gipwin team