Many brands of wine filter machine and wine aging machine on the market today creat confusing consumers. In this article, Gipwin will advise you on the experience to buy the best wine aging machine.

Why should you use wine aging and detoxification machine?

Wine is a very familiar beverage to Vietnamese people. In any occasion, party, banquets, funerals, Vietnamese people all have a cup of wine beside them. The wine is consumed easy, the quality of the wine is difficult to control. Therefore, more and more cases of alcohol poisoning occur. The main reason in using wine is not ensured about the quality.

To limit the above situation, we can treat alcohol before drinking to remove toxins in wine by running wine through an aging and alcohol detoxification machine. But of course, The alcohol aging and detoxification machines must be pretigious, quality and tested.


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Criteria to consider when buying a wine aging machine

Before buying a wine aging and detoxification machine, you should carefully study the criteria below.


What technology does the wine aging machine use?

Technology is the most important criterion to consider when choosing to buy a wine aging and detoxification machine. On the market today, there are many advertising units about alcohol filters. Most of these machines use physical alcohol filtering method. That is using filter materials to remove toxins in alcohol. However, the question is whether these filter materials are really safe. Do they filter out toxins in alcohol?


Ideally, you should choose machines that apply today’s advanced technology such as patented magnetic field technology.


Capacity to suit your needs

When choosing a wine aging and detoxification machine, you should also pay attention to the capacity to suit your using aim. If the demand of customer used in homes and offices, only mini machines and machines with small capacity are needed. If the demand of customer used for business purposes, it is necessary to choose machines with large capacity or new industrial machines that can meet the needs.


The provenance is clear

For products that directly affect health, you must pay attention to the origin. Don’t be greedy to buy floating wine filters on the market and then lose money. Instead, learn carefully about the origin of the machine, the company’s address, and the product’s certifications.


Warranty and maintenance regulation

Warranty is like a commitment made by the seller to the buyer. Therefore, you should buy an wine aging and detoxification machine with a clear maintenance warranty. After a period of using, if the product has any damage, or any maintenance needs, you will be more assured because there will be a unit which is responsible for this.


Which wine aging machine is best today?

Gipwin is a wine aging and detoxification machine that increases longevity and reduces alcohol toxicity. Gipwin pioneered the application of magnetic field technology to improve the quality of alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine in Vietnam. Products are certified by the ISSQ Quality Standards Institute. After being treated, the alcohol sample was analyzed by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene, and the toxic content decreased by 50-90%.


Effect of Gipwin machine on wine maker

* Completely replace the traditional alcohol grounding method. At the same time, it still provides the market with a premium wine that looks like it has been stored for many years.

* Reducing investment costs in labor, factories, and containers for wine storage.

* Ability to turn capital quickly, increase profits.

* Help build a brand of country wine with quality on par with famous wine brands in the world.

* This is convenient for alcohol production facilities that are granted the Certificate of Food Safety and Hygiene.


Effect of Gipwin machine with consumers

* GIPWIN gives users peace of mind and satisfaction about the quality of their beverages

* An effective solution for people who usually have to use alcohol. Maintain alertness, the body is not tired like drinking other types of alcohol

* No headaches, dizziness, the body is not dehydrated

* Helping to protect health against the effects of alcohol on the body.

Above are the experiences you absolutely must know when buying a wine aging and detoxification machine. We hope you will find the right machine for your needs.


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