Filtering alcohol with activated carbon is an age-old method. Today, many people still use this method to filter alcohol. So is this method really good and effective?

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is also known as activated carbon (English name is Activated Carbon). They are black and odorless.

Activated carbon is created from burning carbon-rich fuels such as wood, coal, coconut shells, bamboo… at high temperatures from 600-900 degrees Celsius in anaerobic conditions.

In the case of using activated carbon as a filter material. For the case of detoxification, people usually use coconut shell activated carbon. Because coconut shell activated carbon has a cheap price and higher popularity than other types of activated carbon.

Why do you choose activated carbon as filter material?

Activated carbon is a form of carbon with high porosity, many cracks and voids. It is such a special structure that makes the surface area of ​​activated carbon very large. So, it is easy to absorb and react with many different substances.

Activated charcoal keeps the toxins and chemicals on it. Prevent them from being absorbed and make the solution clear and cleaner. The porous texture of activated carbon has a negative charge, which helps attract positively charged molecules, such as toxins and vapors. Activated charcoal keeps toxins and inside chemicals.

Therefore, people often use activated carbon to filter alcohol. Helps to remove some toxins in wine and make wine clearer.


Than hoạt tính giữ các độc tố và hóa chất vào ngăn chặn chúng bị hấp thụ.
Activated carbon traps toxins and chemicals in to prevent them from being absorbed.

Alcohol filter with activated carbon

Thanks to the pore structure, the pore structure of the element carbon, activated carbon has the ability to retain compounds and toxins, and at the same time recover colored elements and oils. And when used to filter alcohol, activated carbon will reduce the amount of aldehydes and methanol in alcohol. These are the factors that cause headaches and dizziness when using alcohol.

For wine, activated carbon effectively removes wine sediments thanks to its large specific surface area and interlaced pore structure.

Currently, activated carbon is produced in 3 main forms. Fine powder, pellets (small granules) and large blocks.

Depending on the size of the establishment’s wine production which people choose suitable form to use.

Normally, with less filtration households can use powder and tablet form. Particularly for manufacturing plants that will use block activated carbon for filtration, the highest efficiency will be obtained.

Advantages of filtering alcohol with activated carbon

  • Helping eliminate a part of toxins in distilled alcohol, wine.
  • Materials are easy to find, safe, and environmentally friendly

Disadvantages of filtering alcohol with activated carbon

Although reducing the content of aldehydes in alcohol, but filtering by this method, the aldehyde index is still high. Similarly, the methanol content in alcohol cannot be guaranteed to fall below the allowable threshold.

Affects the taste of wine. After filtering with activated carbon, drinking a lot of alcohol still feels bitter.

Besides, if you buy activated carbon which is not guaranteed, it will be very dangerous. It can’t filter toxins, but also alcohol after filtering is not clear and cloudy.

Wine filtration by Gipwin wine aging machine

Thiết bị lão hóa rượu Gipwin giúp làm trong rượu, khử độc tố có trong rượu.
Gipwin wine aging machine helps to make clear wine, remove toxins in wine.

If you want to remove toxins in wine, make wine clearer but do not want to change the taste, concentration can use Gipwin wine aging machine.

Gipwin wine aging machine is genuine production and distribution by UHC Vietnam company nationwide.

The machine uses ultrasonic waves to create the most suitable environment to promote natural chemical reactions after physics to help convert aldehydes, methanol, furfurol, esters… with a much shorter time than the natural metabolism.

Finished products processed will be safe for users. In addition, the Gipwin wine aging machine also helps to make the wine clearer, the smell is not strong, shocking, instead of a gentle aroma. Just a glimpse, its fragrance still lingers on the roof of the nose, making us infatuated and captivated.

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