Why does wine process through the Gipwin wine aging machine drink wine without being thirsty and not dry your neck? 

When you drink alcohol, you always feel dry, and thirsty even when you are drinking or finishing the fun. But when you drink wine that has been processed by the Gipwin wine aging machine, your body is not dehydrated.

A common symptom when drinking alcohol is always feeling dry and thirsty. When finished drinking, the body is always felt thirsty, tired, and sluggish. No matter how much water you drink, it is not enough, always have a water bottle beside you when you go to bed. Why is that so?

Khi uống rượu, lúc nào bạn cũng thấy khô cổ, khát nước.

When you drink alcohol, you always feel dry and thirsty.

Alcohol is a diuretic

When you drink alcohol, do you urinate frequently more than when you drink beer? Because alcohol is a diuretic, when you drink alcohol, you will urinate more.

The reason is in alcohol there is a compound which makes inhibits the hormone Vasopressin in the body. This hormone helps the kidneys re-absorb water instead of passing it out through the bladder, preventing the body from urinating more than once.

Drinking alcohol reduces the production of this hormone, causing water reabsorption to stop. The bladder is filled automatically with water very quickly. Up to a certain amount of water, it will signal to the brain that you need to urinate (urinary phenomenon). Leads to more urination.

This leads to bodily reactions such as headaches, dry mouth, and a feeling of thirst. Drinkers will feel thirsty although they drank a lot of water. Therefore, you must drink a lot of water to replace the lost water in the body. And this process is continued until the amount of alcohol in your body is completely metabolized.

Alcohol hydrolysis reaction

As you know, when alcohol is taken into the stomach, permeates through the intestinal wall, and enters the bloodstream, it will be filtered and converted into a non-toxic compound by the liver before being excreted in the urine.

When alcohol enters the body, the nature of alcohol metabolism in the body is the hydrolysis reaction of alcohol, when the reaction occurs, water is required. Meanwhile, your body is also lacking water due to frequent urination. Of course, your internal organs will be dehydrated. In order to maintain normal functioning, they will try to collect water from other parts of the body, including the amount of water used to supply the brain.

At that time, they will notify the brain that your body is lacking water which leads to a dry neck and dry mouth. You need to drink water to make up for the urgent lack of water.

In this case, you can drink a lot of water, lemon juice, and water containing many vitamins to help neutralize the body.

Why does the wine process through Gipwin drink not cause dehydration?

Gipwin wine aging machine is used to age wine, remove toxins in wine and make the alcoholic beverage have a better and safer taste.

Tại sao uống rượu xử lý qua máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin không khô cổ, khát nước?

Why does the wine processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine drink wine without being thirsty and not dry your neck?

Working principle of Gipwin wine aging machine

The working principle of the Gipwin wine aging machine is that ultrasonic waves and a multi-polar magnetic field promote oxidation, and accelerate the aging process of wine, making the wine as delicious as it is aged. With this technology, toxins such as aldehyde, and methanol… are transformed and eliminated.

In Vietnam, the technology of aging wine by ultrasonic waves and magnetic fields is still quite new. But this method has been used by many countries in the world, the cradles of the wine industry have been used for a long time.

With the use of this technology in the winemaking process, the quality of wine will be equivalent to being grounded for many years.

The multi-polarized magnetic field and ultrasonic waves directly impact the inside of the liquid and create non-stop movements. When the molecules move, gaps will be created and air bubbles appear here. These gas bubbles will increase in pressure and size as they move to the surface of the liquid.

When these bubbles explode, they released a temperature of 5000 oC, the pressure of 2000 Atm. These agents will break the molecular structure of the alcohol and the aromatic compounds in it. Thanks to the impact of ultrasonic waves, it creates the most suitable environment to promote natural chemical reactions after physics to help transform toxic compounds such as aldehydes, methanol, furfurol, high alcohol… in a shorter time. Besides, the quality of the wine is also extremely delicious.

Why does the processed wine drink not be thirst?

When we handle alcohol, the multi-polarized magnetic field, and ultrasonic waves directly impact the liquid. These agents will break, and tear in the apart bonds, clusters of water and alcohol molecules.

Normally, the water molecule beam exists of 15-25 molecules. But when it is processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the clusters of water molecules are shredded to only about 3-5 molecules. The beam of alcohol molecules is also processed with the same process, they are broken down by about 5 molecules

With treated wine, the weight and size of the water molecule are smaller than alcohol, so the water wriggles through the opening gaps in the cell membrane faster. Then, it will be penetrated through the cell membrane and help to reserve water in the cell membrane.

So when the hydrolysis reaction occurs in the body, our cell membranes are already “full” of water, they will take the water stored in the cells, so there is no need to collect water from other parts of the body.

The body does not lack water, so the drinker will not feel dry neck, thirsty while they were drinking alcohol and even after the end of the fun.

From you sleep, rest to you wake up, you don’t feel tired, sluggish, aching. Because the body is not dehydrated, it will recover faster and be more alert. Therefore, with Gipwin, you can feel secure after each fun and you don’t have to go through “bad” things like before.

Drinking alcohol without dehydration can only drink alcohol processed through Gipwin.

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