Why is wine treated with Gipwin to make it soft on the lips, not harsh, not shocking, and have a better taste?

As you know, it’s common when distilling alcohol. At each distillation stage, we get a different concentration of alcohol.

In the early stages, a very high concentration of alcohol is obtained, which is called base alcohol. In the next stage, a lower concentration of alcohol will be obtained. It fades later and this is called top wine.

At the end of the distillation batch, the wine obtained at the beginning of the end is poured into crockery jars and sold on the market. If the wine in the previous batch is not sold yet, after the distillation batch, we mix them. Restaurants, grocery stores, pubs, etc. collect wine at different breweries but put it all in one container.

Alcohol is not classified, so when you drink it, you will feel very uncomfortable, and the taste will not be fragrant. Alcohol consumption is also not uniform. Overall It is very bad. Why?

Pha loãng dung dịch rượu không đúng cách sẽ rất khó uống.

Improper dilution of the alcohol solution will make it very difficult to drink.

When two alcohol solutions of different concentrations are mixed, they will not be homogeneous

Many people still mistakenly believe that alcohol is a solution, so when pouring alcohol solutions into each other, they will mix and dissolve into each other.

For example, The first wine is 60 degrees, the top wine is 20 degrees and after pouring them together, you will obtain 40 degrees wine.

But in the reality, that’s not true. When distilling alcohol, even though it’s cooked in the same house, each batch is cooked at different temperatures and different times… also leading to the uneven quality of the wine. When you mix alcohols with different concentrations and different flavors without any impact on the solution, their mixing and dissolution will be uneven. Therefore, when you drink wine, you will feel the alcohol concentration between the cups which you drink is not the same, losing the delicious taste of wine, difficult to drink.

These inadequacies will be handled by the Gipwin wine aging machine within 1 hour. The finished product is more delicious, soft on the lips, not tight, and not shocking.

Gipwin helps to age wine quickly

It has been proven that the deliciousness of wine is directly proportional to the age of the wine. The wine is aged for a long time, the quality of the wine is better, and the aroma and flavor also is delicious. And the Gipwin wine aging machine is made to accelerate the wine aging process.

Máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin – Sang trọng bền đẹp
Gipwin wine aging machine helps wine drink better, soft lips, not harsh, not shocking.

Ultrasonic technology in the distillation industry is an optimal method because of the successful application of physical means to promote chemistry. High-frequency ultrasound helps to release an organic compound into the wine (such as tannins and other phenolics) that contributes to the flavor and color of the wine.

Besides, it creates a force to help break alcohol molecular bonds to promote chemical reactions including oxidation, formation of ester groups, esterification of toxic aldehydes in alcohol, extraction of tannins, resulting in flavors similar to those aged in natural oak barrels. After processing, the wine is stable for 6 days, equivalent to 10 years of lowland wine.

After treating, the wine is not harsh, not shocking

When ultrasonic waves shine in the liquid, it helps to assimilate the molecules into a unified solution. So the drinker will not feel shocked. Besides, the clusters of alcohol and water molecules are all shredded, so when drinking, the drinker will feel that the wine is smoother, softer, and softer on the lips.

All of the above advantages have been verified by the satisfaction and trust of consumers. 100% of customers, after using processed wine, feel clear they are different from untreated wine.

Wine using ultrasonic wave technology is softer, and softer, drinking no longer feels harsh at the tip of the tongue. Especially, it helps drinkers to get drunk slowly and wake up quickly due to the mechanism of eliminating toxins before and after drinking.

For fruit-fermented wines, ultrasonic waves also contribute to prolonging the shelf life of the wine, helping the wine retain its delicious taste for a significantly longer period compared to previously naturally aging wines.

Gipwin is highly appreciated by experts

Wine aging technology is highly appreciated by domestic experts. In terms of features as well as its applicability in life. The production equipment based on wine aging technology is tested and certified by the leading testing agencies in Vietnam (Vietnam Institute for Research and Development for Quality) and issued certificates of conformity with standards for production and quality and brought to market. Technology is evaluated as scientific work with high applicability. The product helps to solve the negative problems of alcoholic beverages in production and consumption.

The product helps alcoholic beverages taste better, helps protect consumers’ health, and avoids the negative effects of alcohol on the body.

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