Advantages And Disadvantages Of Manual Filtration Methods
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Manual wine filtration is a long-standing method applied by many people to help make wine clearer and cleaner. But is this method really effective or not, what advantages and disadvantages does it have? Let’s analyze with Gipwin in the article below.


Some simple manual wine filtration methods

Rice wine is produced by manual distillation method for generations. The winemaking process requires a lot of complicated steps, requiring the maker to be meticulous and careful in each stage.

To make wine clearer and cleaner, simple manual wine filtration methods are often used.

Manual wine filtration with cotton


  • Filter cotton
  • Wine cans
  • Hopper

How to proceed:

  • Let the filter cotton evenly cover the funnel. The funnel is placed on the mouth of the can to catch the wine after filtering
  • After distillation, wine is poured through a funnel containing filter cotton, the finished wine will be obtained

This method removes the residue, dirt in the wine, and some of the toxins are also retained by the cotton.

However, filtering wine by this method will lose a lot of wine. Wine can be run out, lost the smell of alcohol.


Wine manually filteration with sand and activated carbon


  • Water filters
  • Filter sand bag

How to proceed:

  • Put filter sand, activated carbon into the water filter
  • Slowly pour the wine into the strainer. The wine will be filtered through each layer of sand and activated carbon

The wine after filtering by this method is less lost in the filtration process. Impurities and dirt in wine are removed but not completely removed.


Advantages and disadvantages of manual wine filtration


Cheap cost: Most of the materials used to filter alcohol are cheap and easy to find. Suitable for conditions in Vietnamese villages.


Clearer wine: Filtering wine by manual methods will help the wine clearer and you will not see any impurities, dirt, and scum.



Loss of color, alcohol smell: The alcohol filter materials, besides filtering impurities, also adsorb color and aroma. Filtering the wine can discolor and reduce the aroma of the wine.


Time-consuming: These are all manual methods, although the method is simple, but the efficiency is not high. It takes a lot of time and effort but doesn’t filter a lot.


Not hygienic: During the filtration process, if not carefully monitored, it can be not clean. The dirts and insects will fly into the jars and containers.


Safety of filter materials: Most of the materials used to filter alcohol are only materials used for water filtration and we cannot verify the safety and hygiene of these materials.


Only use on a small scale: If the production is on a large scale, it must be replaced by more modern methods.


Treat wine better, safer with the Gipwin wine aging machine

Today, consumers are more connoisseur when enjoying wines. In addition to factors such as raw materials, distillation methods, food hygiene and safety, the deliciousness of wine is also a top concern. Therefore, many wine producers and traders have chosen Gipwin aging machines to improve wine quality and create their own brand and market name.


Gipwin aging machine helps improve wine quality

For a wine producting department

  • Substituting for traditional burying methods and still produce a high-class wine like being grounded for many years
  • Reducing investment costs in factories, labor, containers, and wine storage
  • Wine is sold quickly, capital turnover is fast, profits are increased
  • Products after being processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine are very safe for health, making it easy for production and business departments to apply for a certificate of food safety and hygiene.
  • Build a wine brand on par with many famous wine brands

For drinkers

  • Wine is more delicious, safer, and healthier
  • Minimizing the harmful effects of alcohol: the body is not tired, the neck is not dry, thirsty, feel get drunk slowly, conscious quickly
  • Reduce some toxins in alcohol

Gipwin wine aging machine can be used for all kinds of wine from sticky rice, pickled wine to wine.

If used in the home, you can use small capacity machines:

1.8l Gipwin wine aging machine

5l Gipwin wine aging machine

If using for business purposes, you should buy larger capacity machines

20l Gipwin wine aging machine

30l Gipwin wine aging machine

Thus, instead of manual wine filtration, you should choose more modern methods such as using Gipwin wine aging machines to improve wine quality and develop your business.


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