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In the process of making wine, if you are not careful, you will find it difficult to avoid the times when the wine is sour and sometimes you have to give up the whole batch of wine. So why is the wine overcooked and how to handle the overcooked wine? Find out with Gipwin right here!

The causes of overcooked wine

The overcooked wine smells like as smoke smell, burning and preventing the typical aroma of wine.

First of all, to find out how to deal with overcooked wine, we have to find out what reasons cause overcooked wine. Some of the reasons include the following:

Rice wine: in the process of cooking with charcoal, people cannot control the amount of heat, the fire is uneven or there is not enough fire. Or if you pour too little water, the rice wine will also burn more easily.

During the distillation process, if the heat is not enough, the rice wine will lack water, can be burned or be raw.

This is the reason why the wine after distillation has a overcooked smell, affecting the quality of the wine.

How to handle overcooked wine: Causes and solutions
Overcooked rice wine will make the bad distilled wine

The easiest way to cure bad wine

In the process of cooking rice wine

If you have failed in cooking rice wine, you can apply some of the following ways to handle overcooked wine:

Put a cup of cold water in the center of the rice cooker, cover the lid and cook for another 2-5 minutes, the overcooked smell will go away.

Put a bread in the rice cooker about 5 minutes, the bread will absorb all the overcooked smell. This is an very easy and effective way, applied by many people.

Take a clean cloth, cover the mouth of the rice cooker, then put a few charcoal on top, close the lid. Continue cooking for about 15-20 minutes, the smell will fly away.

In the case of overcooked smell having rice, the smell is too strong. Stir the rice in the pot to loosen it up. Put a lump of embers in a small bowl in the middle of the rice cooker. Close the lid and wait about 15 minutes for the smell to disappear.

How to handle overcooked wine: Causes and solutions
Putting coal in the middle of the pot is an effective way to cure overcooked rice

Distillating Process

Currently, many small households, especially in rural areas, still distill alcohol in copper pots on wood stoves. This method gives the wine a delicious, specific flavor. However, there is also a limitation that is difficult to keep fire, easy to make the wine overcooked. Just a little carelessness can overheat.

In order to limit this overcooked wine situation, you must always pay attention to the flame and adjust if the fire is too big or too small during the distillation process.

Some notes to cook good wine

To cook delicious wine, you can refer to some of the following tips:

Cooking rice to distill alcohol must be cooked more thoroughly than rice eaten every day. After the rice is cooked, let it cool and pour it out. Wine yeast is crushed. Put the rice in the pot in the order of a layer of rice, then a layer of yeast, one after the other until the end.

Wine Yeast must also be carefully selected. When cooking wine, it is necessary to choose new yeast, not moldy, with a light aroma and bright color. The incubation time varies depending on the weather. If summer is hot, incubate 2-3 days, in winter about 5 days.

After dry incubation comes the wet incubating stage. Pour the rice wine into the jar and add water according to the ratio of 1 kg of rice, 1.5 liters of water. Outside the jar is incubated with a wooden plate or thin cloth, in the winter, incubated with a thick cloth or a cotton blanket so that the wine ferments and does not lose its flavor.

After 7-10 days of incubation, the rice wine can be distilled.

So that the wine after distillation can be used immediately without having to spend a long time in the ground. Many people use wine aging machines to age wine quickly. Making wine more delicious, reducing toxins.

Above are some Gipwin guidelines for dealing with overcooked wine. Hope you can apply it to create the best quality batches of wine.

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