[REVIEW] Is the wine aging machine good?

Instead of aging for decades to produce a premium wine, many people choose a wine aging machine instead. So is the wine aging machine good? How much is the wine aging machine?

Why does we need to age wine?

Wine aging, also known as increasing wine age, is the process of soaking wine to make wine which having better aroma. At the same time, it reduces some toxins in alcohol such as aldehydes, methanol…

Aging wine is usually applied to wines such as:

  • Cooking wine: rice wine, sticky rice wine, corn wine
  • Pickled wine
  • Wine…

The wine is aged during the long time, the wine quality is delicious. The famous wines in the world are often aged 10, 20, 30 years.

What is the difference between aged wine and freshly cooked wine?

Normally, freshly cooked wine is often rough, shocking, and not soft to drink. The reason is the traditional distillation process. In the early stages, wine has a high concentration and in the later stage, the concentration gradually decreases. Meanwhile, when these wines are put together, the wine molecules cannot dissolve. When we drink wine and feel a sharp taste on the tip of our tongue, we are drinking wine with a high concentration. At the same time, in freshly cooked wine there are many toxins that have negative effects on health

Aged wine has a much better taste than freshly brewed wine. The wine is soft to the lips, not shocking. The toxins in wine also decrease over time. Therefore, drinking aged wine is not only delicious but also not harmful to health.

Pha loãng dung dịch rượu không đúng cách sẽ rất khó uống.
Improper dilution of the alcohol solution will make it very difficult to drink.

Working principle of Gipwin wine aging machine

Instead of aging wine that takes a long process of several years, using a wine aging machine you can shorten the time to only 1-2 hours. But still produces wine quality as if it has been grounded for many years. So you wonder how wine aging machine works?

In terms of solutions, wine include: alcohol, water, organic compounds, inorganic compounds, with or without toxins. These substances are closely and unevenly linked together.

The Gipwin wine aging machine works with a combination of factors including: ultrasonic waves, multi-polarized magnetic fields, square pulsed magnetic fields, alternating magnetic fields combined with temperature factors.

Ultrasound waves

  • When the Gipwin wine aging and detoxification machine operate, the electronic devices create an ultrasonic beam with high mechanical energy that impact on the alcohol solution to force the vibrations of the molecules in the solution.
  • When the molecules move, gaps will be created and air bubbles appear here. These gas bubbles will increase in pressure and size as they move to the surface of the liquid.
  • At the time these bubbles burst, the release temperature is 5000 oC, the pressure is 2000 Atm, these agents will break the molecular structure of the alcohol and the aromatic compounds in it.
  • Thanks to the impact of ultrasonic waves, creating the most suitable environment to promote natural chemical reactions after physics to help metabolize toxic substances such as Andehide, Methanol, Fufurol…with a much shorter time compared to other chemicals. with natural transformation.


  • The multipolarized magnetic field helps to assimilate, arrange the alcohol molecular ions, hydrate the alcohol solution, break the free ionic bonds surrounding the alcohol molecular ions, straighten these ions to help the opposite ions combining together, including Andehide ions, methanol, fufurol… to achieve the goal of reducing toxins and aging wine quickly. Helps soft wine, drink not harsh flavor like lowland years.

Structure of Gipwin wine aging machine

The Gipwin wine aging machine is composed of two main parts: the handling part and the body part.

Processing part: Including electronic capillaries imported directly from the US. This part is likened to the heart of the machine. They create complex oscillations in the fluid that convert electrical energy into kinetic energy.

The body part: It is the place to store the wine that needs aging treatment. The outer shell is completely manufactured from high-grade stainless steel specialized for food processing on modern production lines. Through the hands of a skilled mechanic, every detail of the product appears sharp and delicate, beautifying the space it exists.

[REVIEW] Is the wine aging machine good? How much?

Where to buy the most prestigious Gipwin wine aging machine?

Gipwin wine aging machine is exclusively distributed by UHC Vietnam Solution Technology Co., Ltd. Customers in Hanoi and surrounding areas can go directly to the showroom to experience products and test wine.

Address: No. 4, Lane 7, Dong Ngac Street, Dong Ngac Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

For remote customers, Gipwin supports nationwide delivery through shipping units.

How much does Gipwin wine aging machine cost?

Currently, Gipwin wine aging machines have the following capacities:

  • 1.8l Gipwin wine aging machine
  • 5l Gipwin wine aging machine
  • 20l Gipwin wine aging machine
  • 30l Gipwin wine aging machine

The price of Gipwin wine aging machine ranges from VND 16,800,000 to VND 75,000.00.

For advice and detailed quotation, you can contact hotline: 0976.106.066.



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