1.8 Liter And 5 Liter Gipwin Mini Wine Aging Machine Are Compact, High Performance
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The 1.8 liter and 5 liter mini wine aging machine have compact and sleek design. Especially, the machine is very easy to use, you process it with 4 simple steps. The machine is suitable for personal and family using needs.

Are you looking for mini wine aging machine? Both 1.8 liters and 5 liters Gipwin wine aging machine are a perfect choice. These two models are compact design, you can easily move them.

It is very suitable to carry in parties, family party, events, company party.

Why does each family need a mini wine aging machine?

Culture in Vietnam during the holidays, happy days, filial piety … all have the appearance of alcohol. As you know, in conventionally produced alcohol all contain a certain amount of aldehyde, methanol…. When you drink that wine, it will cause shock and shock. When aldehydes enter the body, it will make the digestive system and circulatory system strongly irritated, leading to high blood pressure and headaches.

If the concentration of aldehydes exceeds the permissible level, the poison will directly affect the brain and can lead to many dangerous complications. Even causing dead to the user.

Therefore, we need to keep a mini wine aging machine in the house. When wine is processed through a wine aging machine, it will ensure the health of the user. Reducing the risk of diseases of the nervous system, reducing the burden on the organs of the body.


Máy lọc rượu mini Gipwin giúp bữa tiệc của bạn vui hơn bội phần.
Gipwin mini wine aging machine makes your party much more fun.

Effects of Gipwin mini wine aging machine

* Mini wine aging machine is a specialized device to reduce the concentration of harmful compounds in wine to a safe level and make the wine clearer.

* Gipwin helps to detoxify in alcohol, aging wine. The product gives users peace of mind and satisfaction about the quality of their beverage

* An effective solution for people who often have to use alcohol. Stay awake, the body is not tired like drinking other types of alcohol

* No headache, dizziness, body is not dehydrated, quickly wake up, especially without headache.

* Helps protect health against the effects of alcohol on the body.

Structure of Gipwin mini wine aging machine

Compared with other types of wine aging machines, the Gipwin mini wine aging machine has a simple, compact and easy-to-use design. Small but mighty, just looking at it, the machine can still filter out the toxins in the wine.

Máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin giúp đồ uống của bạn ngon hơn, an toàn hơn.
Gipwin wine aging machine makes your beverage taste better, safer.

User manual

The Gipwin mini wine aging machine is very simple to use, just 4 operations, you can produce a safe and delicious batch of wine.

Step 1: Pour the wine to be treated into the tank

Step 2: Close the lid of the tank

Step 3: Set a processing time

Step 4: Connect the power supply

Working principle

The Gipwin wine aging machine works with a combination of factors including: ultrasonic waves, multi-polarized magnetic fields, square pulsed magnetic fields, alternating magnetic fields combined with temperature factors.

Ultrasonic wave: Produces a beam of ultrasonic radiation with large mechanical energy including many components such as temperature, pressure, and expansion force at supersonic speed, forming air bubbles, when the bubbles are formed. This bubble breaks on the interface between the liquid and gas in an disproportionate state, breaking the molecular structure of the alcohol and the aromatic compounds in it. Thanks to the impact of ultrasonic waves, creating the most suitable environment to promote natural chemical reactions after physics to help convert toxic substances such as Aldehyd, Methanol, Furfurol, Ester… with much shorter time than with natural transformation.

Từ trường: Phá vỡ cấu trúc phân tử, làm mất tính liên kế, giảm sức căng mặt ngoài đồng thời giúp sắp xếp các ion phân tử rượu, hydrat hóa dung dịch rượu, phá vỡ những liên kết ion tự do đang bao quanh các ion phân tử rượu, duỗi thẳng các ion này giúp các ion trái dấu kết hợp với lại với nhau trong đó có ion Aldehyd, Methanol, Furfurol… đạt tới mục tiêu giảm độc tố và làm lão hóa rượu nhanh chóng.

The advantages of the machine

Preserve the taste

Pure wine when processed through the Gipwin mini wine filter still retains its original characteristic flavor.

Unlimited wine

The machine is capable of filtering all types of alcohol from distilled wine, pickled wine, wine…

Compact size

The mini wine filter is small in size, so it is easy to move and can be placed anywhere.

Save electricity

Gipwin mini wine purifier consumes less power, saving users.




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