Efficiency From The Application Of Gipwin Technology In Treating Wine
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In countries around the world, the wine industry was developed strongly. Auxiliary equipment and machinery for the wine industry were born to help the wine production process faster and the finished product was more delicious, safe and shorten the storage time.

Among them, the technology of aging wine by ultrasound and magnetic field was patented at US2086897A on July 13, 1937 in the US. This technology helps to detoxify, age wine to drink better and safer taste.

Technology is applied by many countries around the world

Industrial equipment and machinery applied this technology are used and created a fever in many advanced countries in the world – the cradles of the alcohol industry.

Phương pháp lão hóa rượu bằng phương pháp siêu âm và từ trường đang được ưa chuộng.
The method of aging wine by ultrasonic and magnetic methods is popular

But in Vietnam, the technology of aging wine by ultrasound and magnetic fields is still quite new. Even the solutions and auxiliary equipment for the wine production industry are not really strong.

Therefore, in order to remove difficulties for wine producting enterprises and help to build wine brands on a par with famous wine companies in the world. Besides, the protection of human health against the harmful effects of alcohol. UHC Vietnam Technology Solutions Co., Ltd.,cooperate with experts from the American Academy of Sciences, has successfully researched and manufactured a Gipwin wine aging machine to help detoxify and age wine after only 1-2 hours of treatment.

The working principle of the Gipwin wine aging machine is ultrasonic waves and a multi-polar magnetic field promoting oxidation, the aging process of wine, making the wine as delicious as it is aged. With this technology, toxins such as aldehyde, methanol… are transformed and eliminated.

Make alcoholic beverage better and safer taste

Gipwin wine aging machine can process all kinds of wine from white wine, pickled wine, wine… So what’s the difference of processed wine and pre- processed wine?

Hiệu quả từ việc ứng dụng công nghệ Gipwin trong xử lý rượu
Efficiency from the application of Gipwin technology in treating wine

Removing aldehyde, methanol, furfurol…

Gipwin has outstanding detoxification ability thanks to the application of multi-polarized magnetic field technology and ultrasonic waves.

They act in the liquid to create non-stop movements. When the molecules move, gaps will be created and air bubbles were appeared here. These gas bubbles will increase in pressure and size as they move to the surface of the liquid.

When these bubbles explode, they release temperature of 5000 oC, the pressure of 2000 Atm, these agents will break the molecular structure of the alcohol and the aromatic compounds in it. Thanks to the impact of ultrasonic waves, creating the most suitable environment to promote natural chemical reactions after physics to help transform toxic substances such as aldehydes, methanol, furfurol, high alcohol… with a shorter time.

Aging wine

After distillation, the wine is processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine. Under the influence of magnetic fields and ultrasound, Gipwin helps to tear apart clusters of alcohol molecules. At the same time, using a magnetic field to assimilate clusters of alcohol molecules, rearrange them at a more uniform level, making the wine quieter and more delicious when used.

The wine, when processed for 1-2 hours by the Gipwin wine aging machine, has produced wine with the quality of 10-year lowland wine.

For consumers

Using clean products, the body will not lose much energy to eliminate. Drinking clean alcohol too, the organs in the body do not have to work too hard, not causing fatigue. Let’s discover if the drinker drink processed wine through Gipwin wine aging machine, drinkers will feel the difference.

No headache, dizziness, fatigue

When drinking, people who feel headache, dizziness, tired often think that “they are drunk”. But actually this is a expression of mild alcohol poisoning. Because the wine contains a toxin content, if it is too much, the body does not eliminate alcohol poisoning.

But when drinking wine that is processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, there will be a difference. The processed wine will be reduced toxic compounds such as aldehydes, methanol, furfurol… to below the allowable level. After being treated, the alcohol sample was analyzed by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene, and the toxic content decreased by 50-90%.

Therefore, when we drink processed wine, drinkers will not experience headaches, dizziness or symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Drinking wine smoothly, soft lips, no shock

The nature of alcohol is a liquid, when processed through a machine, it helps to assimilate the molecules into a unified solution and tear up the clusters of alcohol and water molecules, so when drinking, the drinker will feel that the wine is smoother, softer, and softer on the lips.

Not dry neck, eager to water

When alcohol enters the body, the nature of alcohol metabolism in the body is the hydrolysis reaction of alcohol, when the reaction occurs, water is required. In order to maintain normal functioning, they will try to collect water from other parts of the body, including from the amount of water used to supply the brain.

Therefore, when drinking alcohol, the friend always feels dry, anyone is always in a state of dehydration. Although you drink a lot of water, it’s not enough. But when you use the processed wine through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the drinker will not have any a dry, thirsty feel.

Normally, the water molecule beam exists 15-25 molecules. But when processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the clusters of water molecules are shredded to only about 3-5 molecules.

The weight and size of the water molecule is smaller than that of alcohol, so water will penetrate faster through the cell membrane and help to store water in cell membranes. Therefore, when the hydrolysis reaction occurs in the body, they will take the water stored in the cells, so there is no need to collect water from other parts of the body, so the drinker will not have the feeling of dry neck or thirst while drinking and even after the fun is over.

Slow to get drunk, quick to wake up

Clusters of water molecules are broken down to about 3-5 molecules. They will penetrate cells faster than alcohol molecules. When we have more water in the body, we will be less drunk because it reduces the impact of alcohol on the body.

Alcohol penetrates the body less, so the drinker will get drunk more slowly, the body recovers fastly because it does not lose energy to metabolize alcohol.

For winemakers

Máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin, sản phẩm không thể thiếu trong các doanh nghiệp sản xuất rượu.
Gipwin wine aging machine, an indispensable product in wine production enterprises.

Ensure the quality of the wine according to the standard

After being processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, toxic compounds such as aldehydes, methanol, furfurol, etc. are reduced to below permissible levels. Therefore, Gipwin will make it easier for wineries to obtain Food Safety and Hygiene Certificates.

Brand enhancement

Soft drink, soft, smooth, not harsh, flavor and aroma are not shocked to build your wine brand on a par with famous wine brands in the world.

Added value

Wines are different from ordinary wines because they are processed through wine aging technology. The higher the quality of the product, the higher the price.

Output increased

Good products, quality will definitely retain customers and will constantly increase. An increase buyer leads to an increase in profits.

Fast capital turnover cycle

After distillation, the wine is processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine for about 1-2 hours to produce the quality of the wine as if it had been grounded for a long time. Therefore, wine production enterprises will not lose additional costs of investing in factories, labor, and containers for wine storage.

Since its inception, the Gipwin wine aging machine has built trust in the consumer market, attracting attention from production facilities and businesses. Not only bringing about sensory effects, wine quality, ultrasonic technology and multi-polarized magnetic field have created a leap forward in the wine industry in Vietnam.



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