How To Reduce Alcohol Concentration While Keeping The Initial Taste?
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How to reduce alcohol concentration while keeping the initial taste?

There are many ways to reduce alcohol concentration such as lowering the earth, aging wine… But what is the best way, to both lowering the concentration and keep the taste of the wine?

For higher concentration wines, the better the wine and retain its inherent flavor. However, everyone can’t drink this wine. When the alcohol toxicity is higher, the drinker is easy to gets drunk which is not good for health.

What is alcohol concentration?

Concentration is the unit used to measure the concentration of alcohol in milliliters. Alcohol concentration is calculated based on the amount of pure alcohol presented in 100ml of alcohol solution. The higher the alcohol concentration, the more pure alcohol, and the heavier the alcohol.

For example, when it says to alcohol 40 degrees, it means that there are 40ml of pure alcohol in 100ml of solution.

Typically, wines prepared by traditional methods are classified as heavy wine-level with relatively high alcohol concentrations. After distillation is complete, the wine usually fluctuates between 40 and 55 degrees. Therefore, alcohol is difficult to drink and is not good for the health of the user.

To be able to use rice wine, people often reduce the degree by reducing the alcohol concentration such as lowering the earth, cooling, diluting, soaking, aging the wine… to have a concentration between 29 and 40 degrees.

Besides, the alcohol concentration in the range of 20 and 40 degrees is the ideal alcohol concentration to drink. This is also the level chosen by industrial wineries. Because the higher the concentration of alcohol the tax that the business has to pay also increases.

Thus, if you reduce the concentration of alcohol, alcohol production facilities can reduce the amount of tax to be paid, and the target of users is also wider.

Nồng độ rượu càng cao càng ảnh hưởng tới sức khỏe.

The higher the concentration of alcohol is, the more harmful it is to health.

The ways to reduce alcohol concentration traditionally

Soak in wine with herbs

White wine when distilled often has a high concentration, so you can soak them with herbs such as Ganoderma, ginseng … to lower the alcohol degree.

Why is that? Because of the medicinal properties of the herb, it will neutralize the alcohol concentration. This pickled wine is usually left for a long time, over time, the high concentration of white wine will lower and taste better.

Landing method

The alcohol lowering method is an ancient traditional method of reducing alcohol concentration. This method is both safe and better and more fragrant.

When alcohol is on the ground, it will be affected by the earth’s magnetic field, thereby releasing aromatic compounds. Therefore, when you drink lowland wine for a long time, you will feel the taste of wine much better. At the same time, the alcohol degree is also significantly reduced.

Cooling method

Normally, for standard wines, the concentration is high when cooled, it will reduce and bring a cool, more delicious feeling to the wine.

Dilution method

When we add water to the wine, we can also lower the alcohol degree. This is a pretty simple and easy way to do it without having to perform strenuous operations. For a certain amount of alcohol, you will need to mix it with the right amount of water.

For example, with 1 liter of white wine about 40-45 degrees, you will need to add 50-400ml of water depending on the alcohol degree which you want to lower. When you pour 400ml of water, the alcohol degree will drop to as low as 28 degrees.

But this method also has a disadvantage that when you dilute, the alcohol will be uneven. Although the wine can lower the alcohol degree desired, it will not have good taste.

How to reduce alcohol concentration by the alcohol aging method?

Thiết bị lão hóa rượu Gipwin giúp hạ độ rượu nhanh, an toàn.

Gipwin wine aging machine helps to lower the degree of wine quickly and safely.

The ways to reduce the alcohol concentration above will take a lot of time, effort, and cost. Sometimes it changes the taste of wine. Therefore, many people and many alcohol-producing facilities choose to use Gipwin wine aging and detoxification machines to lower the degree of alcohol before using.

Wine after processing through the Gipwin wine aging machine will be delicious, soft, smooth, and not harsh, especially without losing the taste of wine. Besides, it also removes toxins in alcohol, making it safer and clearer to drink.

Good luck!

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