President Obama Visits Distillery

Obama President visits distillery using Cleveland Whiskey’s aging technology 

Cleveland Whiskey was honored that it was visited and highly appreciated by Obama’s presidency. So what things have brought the President’s attention to this brand?

Cleveland Whiskey was founded in Ohio, the USA in 2009 under the instruction of Tom Lix.

With a unique wine aging technology, Cleveland Whiskey has brought in a huge amount of revenue that any winery wishes. At the same time, the reputation of Cleveland Whiskey is also more widely known despite its relatively young age.

Obama President visits Cleveland Whiskey’s distillery

On March 29, 2015, Cleveland Whiskey Distillery was visited by Obama President and discovered about wine aging technology. During the visit, Mr. Obama constantly expressed his excitement at Cleveland Whiskey’s production line and technology foundation. Tom Lix – founder of Cleveland said: “It doesn’t matter what political faction you belong to, the president’s visit to our factory is very impressive. We gave him a bottle of wine signed by the entire Cleveland Whiskey staff, both Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals.

Wine aging technology – The secret behind the success of Cleveland Whiskey

Unlike traditional distilleries, everything is soaked in oak. Cleveland Whiskey has applied the wine aging technology– allowing them to create wine types having unique aromas and flavors with a variety of woods that the simple technologies could not be achieved with previous technologies. Up to now, this technology has supported Cleveland Whiskey to produce 10-year-old bottles in just a few hours.

President Obama Visits Distillery
Aging technology enables  Cleveland Whiskey to produce 10-year-old bottles in just a few hours

The technology has been granted by the US Patent Office on November 18, 2014, with the number US8889206B2. It creates a sure scientific and technological foundation for operating and developing the Cleveland Whiskey brand. This technology helps to increase the number of sales which is estimated at more than 1,000 bottles per week in the US.

In Vietnam, wine aging technology is also successfully applied with the Gipwin wine aging machine. This technology uses ultrasonic waves and magnetic fields to accelerate the aging process of wine. The processed wine by Gipwin has a smooth, soft, delicious taste like wine that has been grounded for many years. The finished wine does not cause headaches, dry neck, thirst, slow drunkenness, or quick awakening.

The advantages of Gipwin wine aging technology: The chemicals or materials are not used – The wine properties, taste, or concentration are not changed – old or new ingredients will not depend.

>>> Gipwin wine aging machine

The aging technology has given Cleveland Whiskey keep a strong position in the wine industry. In the future, it will create breakthroughs for the wine industry in Vietnam.

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