Simple Wine Filtration Method Is Processed By Gipwin Wine Aging Machine
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After distillation, there will be residues at the bottom of the bottle or suspension in the alcohol solution, making the drink unattractive, so people don’t feel good when drinking, so after distillation, you should filter it in alcohol to help remove it.

When the wine is freshly distilled, it is filtered through a clean cloth. But the finished product is still cloudy. Just looking at it with the naked eye, we can also see the dirt partially deposited at the bottom of the bottle, the part suspended in the alcohol solution.


These turbidity are usually milky white, tiny, they exist in the wine, making the wine cloudy, affecting the aesthetics of the wine, difficult to sell, especially if you keep for a long time, it will damage the wine.

The main reason is the technical process of distillation is not guaranteed such as the wine is not evenly distributed, the high fire causes the wine pot to float. The alcohol vapor is condensed through the turtle shell (ba ba) and then flows through the copper intestine system soaked in a water tank for a long time, difficult to clean after each batch of cooking, so the finished wine will be cloudy.

The distillation process mainly uses the heat source as coal and wood stoves, so it is difficult to control the fire. An inexperienced cooker will not be able to adjust the fire. If the fire is too big, it will cause the wine to overflow, and the wine will suddenly become cloudy. This sediment will cause the wine not only to have sediment but also to change color. The wine will not be clear, but will turn completely opaque white.

In the case of soaked wine, cloudy wine is inevitable. Residues in the soaked medicinal herbs make the soaked wine residue.

The taste and concentration of alcohol are not affected by the residue. But you should deal with the residue immediately after cooking. Because scum in wine is actually protein and organic impurities. Over time, they will decompose and cause your wine to sour with an unpleasant odor.

Rượu sau khi chưng cất sẽ có những cặn vẩn
The distillated wine will have the residue

Filtering alcohol with cotton, cloth

The method of filtering alcohol in cotton and cloth is very easy to do. You just need to prepare a funnel inside for a clean cotton ball or cloth, then open the faucet of the Gipwin wine aging device to flow through that filter layer down to the can so that the wine is filtered in.


Lọc rượu trong bằng vải, bông.
Filtering alcohol with cotton, cloth


Benefits of Gipwin wine aging machine

Lọc trong rượu bằng máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin được các doanh nghiệp lựa chọn hàng đầu.
Filtering in wine by Gipwin wine aging machine is the top choice of enterprises.

For enterprises

* No time to land: After being processed through the aging machine, the wine can be used immediately and the product quality remains the same as when it was lowered. Just need to process through the machine in 1-3 hours depending on the amount of wine, can produce wines aged 10-30 years very conveniently and quickly.

* Refining costs: There is a wine aging machine, so there is no need to invest in additional workers, factories, new wine storage facilities for storing and lowering wine.

* Ability to quickly turn around capital, increase profits: After cooking wine is processed through the machine, it can be used immediately, so there is no need to invest much in cooking and then brewing wine for use gradually. This will save a lot of costs, help businesses turn capital quickly, increase profits.

* Improve quality: Help build a brand of country wine with quality on par with famous wine brands in the world.

For individual consumers

Safe to use: Gipwin gives users peace of mind, satisfaction in beverage quality and especially safety for health.

Stay awake, not tired: It is an effective solution for those whose work nature often has to sit at the drinking table. Help you keep alert, the body is not tired, can still work normally after the meal is over.

With outstanding advantages in technology and features, Gipwin wine aging machine is the perfect companion for households, companies, and wine production businesses.



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