Super Profitable Wine Aging Machine
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Cleveland Whiskey is one of the famous wineries in the world that has just made huge profits from aging machines despite its relatively young age.

Cleveland Whiskey is one of the most famous wine brands in the world despite its relatively young age. This brand was founded in Ohio, the USA in 2009 under the leadership of Tom Lix. This brand has broken the traditional rule, leaping in the wine industry.

With a unique wine aging technology that shortens production time, Cleveland Whiskey has brought in the huge revenue that any winery wishes. In this article, we will learn more about Cleveland Whiskey and this wine aging machine.

Máy lão hóa rượu tạo lợi nhuận siêu khủng cho Cleveland Whiskey

The Wine aging machine makes a super profit

The secret of wine aging technology

Cleveland Whiskey collaborates with MAGNET’s Product Development & Design Team. Aging tanks were born to shorten the aging time from many years to 1 week. After many improvements, Tom Lix’s wine aging technology has produced 10-year-old bottles in just 24 hours.

The technology was patented by the US Patent Office on November 18, 2014, with the number US8889206B2. It creates a solid scientific and technological foundation for operating and developing the Cleveland Whiskey brand. This technology helps to increase the estimated sales of more than 1,000 bottles per week in the US.

Máy lão hóa rượu tạo nên lợi nhuận siêu khủng cho ngành rượu

Wine aging machine makes super profit for industry

Featured product lines

Black Reserve & Eighty-Seven: These are two key products of Cleveland Whiskey, which are distributed densely in retail stores, distribution agents, famous bars, and restaurants throughout the United States and around the world

Christmas Bourbon: This is a product line produced to serve special occasions of the year. Christmas Bourbon has many versions with many different flavors. With the most advanced version, Christmas Bourbon is a combination of many interesting ingredients such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and oranges.

Cleveland Underground: This is a flavored wine that is extracted from the aromas of various woods such as locusts, sugar maple, pecans, apple, etc. to create a delicious, natural, and unique flavor. Cleveland Underground is a wine line that has obtained many important awards in a row, especially a Whiskey Innovator of the Year award. With this wine line, Cleveland Whiskey continues to develop many new versions such as barley whiskey, pineapple fiber, rums, … with flavors from plum wood, pistachio, and Italian olives.

Achievements from wine aging technology

Cleveland Whiskey has earned a number of notable prestigious awards:

  • 24 Gold medals out of 54 medals in different competitions within 5 years.
  • 275,451 bottles are presented available around the world
  • Total revenue: $1,528,903 in 2017
  • Gross profit margin: 59% in 2017
  • Present in 16 US states and 8 countries

With its revolutionary wine aging technology, Cleveland Whiskey has attracted 1856 investors around the world, such as Northeast Ohio Innovation Investment Fund, North Coast Technology Opportunity Fund, Institute for Economic and Community Development, Cambridge Investment Partners,…

His factory was honored to welcome US President Obama to visit and learn technology on March 29, 2015. At the meeting, Mr. Obama constantly expressed his excitement about Cleveland Whiskey’s production line and technology platform. Tom Lix said: “It doesn’t matter what political faction you belong to, it is quite impressive to welcome the president’s visit to our factory. We gave him a bottle of wine signed by the entire Cleveland Whiskey staff, both Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals.

Reviews from customers

Cleveland receives high evaluations from wine industry professionals through prestigious awards. Moreover, it has defeated the taste of the most fastidious customers.

Sam McN is the owner of more than 6 restaurants and shares that Cleveland’s wine is always out of stock. Customers really like the natural aroma of this wine. He also could not hide his surprise as well as admiration for this technology.

On Bourbon American-Whiskey, Cleveland received many positive feedbacks from consumers:

  • I really like this beverage, it’s really delicious. That is a delicious beverage.
  • Beautiful color, very smooth and gentle drink. Its taste is very amazing
  • It is a wonderful balance of flavors, bringing out its deliciousness. Subtle, and sweet are words that can describe Cleveland Whiskey.

Cleveland Whiskey broke all the rules and elevated the brand to become the largest wine company in the world.

In Vietnam, wine aging technology is also successfully applied with the Gipwin wine aging machine – exclusively distributed by UHC Vietnam Technology Solutions Co., Ltd.

Technological advantages: No used chemicals or materials- No changing properties of wine – No changing in taste – No changing in alcohol concentration – No depending on old or new ingredients.

Efficacy for drinkers: No prolonged fatigue – No dry neck and thirst – No dizziness – The body quickly wakes up, quickly recovers – The wine is smooth and delicious like the wine that has been grounded for many years.

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