What Does The Wine Aging Machine Do?
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What is the effect of Gipwin wine aging equipment that households and wine producing businesses use a lot?

According to statistics, Vietnam is the country with the highest alcohol consumption rate in the world. In which, traditional wine is used a lot, accounting for 90% of total alcohol consumption each year.

Wine business: Fertile land

Due to the large amount of alcohol consumption, this is a fertile and profitable land. Therefore, each year the number of businesses registered to do business in the field of alcohol is increasing. But many businesses lost due to not being competitive enough. Especially after Decree 02 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade strengthens food safety management for alcohol production and trading. The output quality of the product is strictly controlled. Alcohol production facilities that do not meet the standards will be severely dealt with.

Currently, in our country, the solutions and auxiliary equipment for the wine production industry are not really strong. Therefore, in order to remove difficulties for wine production enterprises, toward protecting human health against the harmful effects of alcohol. UHC Vietnam Technology Solutions Co., Ltd., in conjunction with Scientific experts from the United States, has successfully researched and manufactured Gipwin wine aging equipment. Gipwin wine aging equipment helps to treat toxins, aging wine. Products bring many benefits to businesses and consumers.

Máy lão hóa rượu có tác dụng gì đối với doanh nghiệp, người tiêu dùng?
What effect does wine aging machine have on businesses and consumers?

For winemakers

* No time to land: Wine after being processed through Gipwin aging equipment can be used immediately and the quality of the wine is equivalent to that of lowland wine for many years. Depending on the different types of wine, it only takes 1-3 hours to process through the machine, it can produce wines aged 10-30 years very conveniently and quickly.

* Refining costs: There is a wine aging machine, so it is not necessary to invest workers, factories, new wine storage facilities for storing and lowering wine.

* Ability to quickly turn around capital, increase profits: After cooking process, wine is treated through the machine, it can be used immediately, so there is no need to invest much in cooking and then brewing wine for use gradually. This will save a lot of costs, help businesses turn capital quickly, increase profits.

* Improve quality: Help build a brand of country wine with quality on par with famous wine brands in the world.

For consumers

Safe to use: Gipwin gives users peace of mind, satisfaction in beverage quality and especially safety for health.

Stay awake, not tired: An effective solution for those who have a regular job that has to receive many guests at the drinking table. Helps you keep alert, body is not tired. You can still work normally after the meal is over.

Gipwin products are widely applied in the beverage industry, especially with alcoholic beverages, which have received high appreciation from managers, scientists, especially a large number of customers across the country.

What does the wine aging machine effect?

Máy lão hóa rượu có tác dụng gì?
What does the wine aging machine effect?

When learning about wine aging machines, customers are most interested in effecting of the wine aging machine. Let’s go the details in the effects of the Gipwin wine aging machine to see what the machine has to effect.

Eliminating toxins in alcohol

The Gipwin wine aging machine uses ultrasonic waves and a multi-polarized magnetic field. When they impact the liquid, under the action of waves, they break the bonds of alcohol molecules, thereby created gaps and air bubbles, thus creating conditions for toxins such as aldehydes and methanol to evaporates easily.

White wine, when processed through the Gippin wine aging machine, can remove from 50% to 90% of the toxins in the wine.

Aging Wine

The Gipwin wine aging machine ages the wine as if it had been grounded for a long time. After distillation, alcohol is processed through a wine aging machine for 1-3 hours (depending on the amount of alcohol solution to be treated) to be able to produce a finished product like wine that has been grounded for 10-30 years.

Soft drink, more delicious

Thanks to ultrasonic waves and magnetic fields, in the process of breaking the bonds of alcohol molecules. Gipwin performs the anabolism, rearranging the distribution of the alcohol and water molecular clusters. Since then, when the wine is processed by Gipwin, it will not be harsh, the wine will be soft and drink better. Therefore, people who drink will be drunk longer and wake up faster. Especially, there will be no feeling of headache, dry neck when drinking.

Does not change the character of the wine

Gipwin only treats toxins and ages wine using ultrasonic waves and magnetic fields. You can process wines without worrying about the taste and character of the wine being changed.

Gipwin wine aging machines

Gipwin wine aging machine is completely manufactured from high quality stainless steel. It is very good to resistaning corrosion eventhough it contact with many different chemicals. Because it is high-grade stainless steel, even if you keep the product in a warehouse or a winery, you are not afraid of the machine being oxidized, rusted, yellowed over time.

The completely imported components, successfully tropicalized by a team of technology experts from UHC Vietnam company to improve processing performance and prolong product life.

Gipwin wine aging machine has many models, suitable for each object and need of use.

Mini wine aging machine

Mini wine aging machine line includes 1.8 liter Gipwin aging machine and 5 liter Gipwin aging machine. The product has a compact, sleek design, user-friendly interface and easy to use.

This is a product line exclusively for families and individual needs. With this design, you can easily move them, suitable for carrying in parties, family festivals, companies.

Industrial wine aging machineMáy lão hóa rượu Gipwin lựa chọn hàng đầu củ người tiêu dùng và doanh nghiệp.

Gipwin wine aging machine is the first choice of consumers and businesses.

The line of wine aging machines for small distilleries, restaurants, and agencies includes a 20-liter Gipwin aging machine and a 30-liter Gipwin aging machine. The machine is compact, beautiful, and easy to use. With this design line, it is suitable for the needs of businesses.

The product is very durable, resistant to impact, ensuring the best reception of ultrasonic energy and equipment life. No warping and cracking due to ultrasonic impact for a long time.



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