Why Is The Wine Treated Through Gipwin Wine Aging Machine Drunk To Make Recover Quickly And Without Fatigue Body?
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A night of drinking can make you experience unpleasant feeling such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea… But with Gipwin beside you, those obsessions will be gone.

Every time he finishes drinking, the headaches, dizziness, fatigue… come again. Even, Many people promote more meals out. Why is that so?

Nervous system is affected

The nervous system is the organ that suffers heavily and has the earliest manifestations when drinking alcohol. The amount of alcohol in wine causes nerve depression, destroys brain cells, so there is headache, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, reflexes are no longer flexible …

When I sleep, I don’t sleep well, my head always hurts like a hammer that just explodes.

Besides, When I drink wine make blood sugar levels insufficient, the brain mobilizes sugar from other sources to maintain minimal activity. This is the reason drunk people often feel sluggish the next day.

Uống rượu không đạt chuẩn sẽ khiến bạn đau đầu, mệt mỏi.
Drinking  that is not up to standard will cause you headaches and fatigue.

Tired and thirsty body

When drinking alcohol, people always feel nausea, muscle pain and dry mouth, hot because alcohol has strong dehydrating properties.

Wine entering the body will inhibit a hormone called Vasopressin. This hormone helps control the fluid balance in the body, when the wall is broken, water in the body is excreted more through the urine, through the hydrolysis of alcohol, leading to dehydration of the body. This is the reason after drinking alcohol, people often urinate more often and appear symptoms of hangover, dry mouth, thirst, dizziness, muscle weakness…

How does dehydration affect the body?

Water imbalance disrupts the balance of salt, mineral and blood sugar levels, which interferes with normal activities and causes a lot of damage to the body.


Dehydrated people often feel thirst, headaches, dry mouth, lips, tongue, and skin. As dehydration becomes more severe, symptoms can include fatigue, dizziness, and chest pain.

Increasing body temperature

Water in the body acts as a cooling mechanism, both the outer skin and internal organs, especially in hot weather. The body’s internal cooling system may not operate normaly if the body does not drink enough water, which can cause heat cramps, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fatigue, and a feeling of heat or cold. In severe cases, heat stroke can occur and can be life-threatening.

Chemical imbalance

Dehydration can interfere with many processes in the body, such as inadequate oxygen supply to organs, waste disposal, and poor lubrication of bones and joints.

Dehydration also affects the balance of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals needed for the body to function. An imbalance of sodium and potassium is associated with disturbances in the conduction of brain signals. A chemical imbalance can cause irregular heartbeats, seizures, and sensory disturbances. Finally, there can be serious health problems.

Limit the elimination of toxins from the body

Water helps to remove toxins from the body and allows the organs to filter waste products. This process will start malfunction during dehydration. Moreover, in people who are dehydrated, internal organs will take extra water from the blood and cause other health problems. A build-up of toxins in the body can make a dehydrated person feel unwell.

Therefore, when drinking alcohol, your body is very dehydrated, not having enough water to supply the body’s activities. Because of that, the body is always tired and sluggish and the mouth and throat are always dry. Although, how much water you drink, it’s not enough.

Drinking alcohol processed through Gipwin, the body is quickly recovered, not tired

Hiệu quả từ việc ứng dụng công nghệ Gipwin trong xử lý rượu
Efficiency from the application of Gipwin technology in alcohol treatment.

But unpleasant tastes such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea… will not haunt you after every fun. With the appearance of the Gipwin wine aging machine, your fun will always be completed

Eliminate toxins in alcohol

Gipwin works with a combination of three agents including ultrasonic waves, multi-polarized magnetic fields, and free oscillating forced magnetic fields. These agents create a “shock” that vibrates at the appropriate frequency to impact the alcohol solution to break the bond, creating a favorable environment for the metabolism and elimination of toxic substances such as Andehit, Methanol, Furfurol… After being treated, the alcohol sample was analyzed by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene, and the toxic content decreased by 50-90%.

Therefore, when drinking processed alcohol, drinkers will not experience headaches, dizziness or symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

The body is not thirsty

Tại sao uống rượu đã xử lý bằng máy lão hóa rượu Gipwin cơ thể nhanh phục hồi, không mệt mỏi?

But when using alcohol that has been processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the drinker will not have a feeling such as dry or thirsty feeling.

Normally, the water molecule beam exists 15-25 molecules. But when processed through the Gipwin wine aging machine, the clusters of water molecules are shredded to only about 3-5 molecules.

The weight and size of water molecules are then smaller than alcohol, so water will penetrate faster through the cell membrane. It helps to store water in cell membranes. So when hydrolysis occurs in the body, they will take the water stored in the cells, so there is no need to collect water from other parts of the body. Therefore, drinkers will not feel dry neck, thirsty while drinking and even after the end of the fun.

Wine is detoxified, so when you drink it, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy to metabolize or eliminate toxins. Besides, the amount of water has also been stored “full” in the cells, so the body is not dehydrated, it is not tired and sluggish like as drinking ordinary alcohol.

Gipwin wine aging machine dispels fatigue and helps you enjoy the full fun.




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